1v1.lol1v1.LOL is finally available at Friv! Are you ready for the most epic multiplayer action shooter? The game is very similar to the famous title called Fortnite. Your mission is to eliminate others and be the last man standing. Try to kill your opponents as quickly as possible and survive for as long as you can. As the name suggest, the main focus of the 1v1.LOL game is its player-vs-player battle royale mode. Other than that, you can also play a free-build mode, party mode, 2v2, training etc. So, you can team up with your friends and compete against another group of players. There is a possibility to construct various structures and use them for defense. You can build walls, stairs, roofs and platforms by pressing your Z,X,C,V keys. For movement and shooting, you can simply use your arrows and mouse. The keybinds can be completely remapped in the main menu. You can also change your aiming sensitivity in 1v1.LOL at Friv.

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