wormax.ioWormax.io is another super addicting snake-like survival multiplayer game online and it is a great addition to the popular .io games category at Friv.cm. The game is very similar to the famous title Slither.io. You mission in Wormax.io is to navigate your worm around the map, eat food and defeat other players. Become the biggest worm on the server and don’t let your opponents kill you. Eat the colorful balls but avoid hitting other worms at all costs. Sometimes you will see boosters on the map, they will give you temporary bonuses. Use your mouse to play this game. Move your cursor around the screen and your worm will follow it. Click your left mouse button for a speed boost. Use the speed boost to escape the enemy worms trying to block your way, or to consume the pieces of food faster. You can invite friends to the game by sending them your personal link. How long can your worm become in Wormax.io at Friv?

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