76,840 is another awesome survival .io game and you can enjoy it for free at Friv! It is similar to the famous battle royale games like Fortnite, PUBG or H1Z1. After the start of each match, players spawn on a map and you have to find some weapons, fight other players and survive. The last man standing wins the game. Choose from a variety of different weapons, armor, clothing etc. After you have been spawned, try to find any weapon as quickly as possible. Try to surprise other players to kill them first, before they spot you. Use your W,A,S,D keys to run, move your mouse cursor to aim and click to attack/shoot. Press F to pick up items, R to reload weapons. Use 1-4 keys to switch your weapon. As the game progresses, the safe zone will be reduced and you have to move into that zone to stay alive. Watch the mini-map, where the safe zone will be shown. Can you eliminate all opponents and be the last person standing in

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