Shortcut Race


shortcut raceShortcut Race is a unique running Friv game online in which you will be able to take shortcuts by building bridges. Each racetrack consists of platforms floating on top of water and piles of wooden boards scattered around the track. Use your mouse or arrow keys to control your character. Pick up as many boards as you can and build bridges to overtake your opponents. Make sure you are carrying enough boards for your shortcut, or you will end up falling into water. Try to finish on the first place to advance into the bonus round. Once you have crossed the finish line, just keep running and building shortcuts. Get on as many bonus platforms as possible to earn some extra cash. Enter the shop and spend the money you have earned for new characters. You will unlock tracks and shortcuts as you progress in the game. In the Shortcut Race game online at, there are 6 cool characters and 6 types of shortcuts to choose from.

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