Poppy Playtime


poppy playtime Poppy Playtime at Friv is a survival game online in which you will have to escape from a creepy monster chasing you down. You are stuck in an old house and your mission is to search for items that will help you get out. While doing so, you must be extremely careful. Because, there is a dangerous creature inside the building! Huggy Wuggy likes to walk around the house and play with his victims. He is a fluffy doll with scary eyes and sharp teeth that are ready to rip you up into pieces. You will have to find a good hiding spot, otherwise he will get you. Go from room to room, use keys to unlock doors or lockers and collect various items such as weapons and ammo. If you hear steps, stop moving and make sure Huggy Wuggy doesn’t see you. Try to stay alive for as long as possible without getting killed. Can you find a way out of the building and escape the terrifying monster in the Poppy Playtime horror game at Friv.cm?

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