Mini Golf Club


mini golf clubMini Golf Club, also known as, is a free multiplayer golf game online that will let you compete against other players in a real time battle! If you are a fan of other golf games on our Friv website such as the Mini Golf Master, or just sports games in general, then you will absolutely love this title! Enter the golf course, launch the ball and try to reach the hole with the fewest strokes possible. Click and drag your mouse into a direction, then release to shoot the ball. Watch out for obstacles and other objects that will make it harder for you to reach the hole. You will earn coins after each round, use them to buy cool stuff in the shop. You can customize your golf ball using various cosmetic items like hats and baseball caps. On top of that, you will also be able to change your putting effect and color of the ball. In the Mini Golf Club game online, you can either create a new match, or join an existing match hosted by others.

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