Iron Snout


iron snoutIron Snout is a super fun animal fighting Friv game online. Control a funny pig and fight against deadly wolves. There are two locations to choose from: Forest and City. Use your left and right arrow keys to kick and punch into directions. Press your up arrow to jump up, down arrow to crouch and jump down. Combine different arrow keys to perform interesting attack combos. Try to kill each of the enemy wolves as quickly as possible. Once an enemy is eliminated, he can drop his weapon. You can take enemy weapons and throw them towards the next enemy. Beware of flying enemies, you will have to jump, so you can actually do damage to them. Some of the enemies are stronger than others and you will need to punch them multiple times. The remaining hit points of your pig are displayed on the health bar at the top of the screen. Let’s fight all those wolves and try to survive for as long as you can in Iron Snout at Friv Games!

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