Google Doodle Halloween


google doodle halloweenGoogle Doodle Halloween 2022 game online is now available at Friv! This is a sequel of the original Great Ghoul Duel initially released in 2018 by Google. If you are a fan of multiplayer interactive games where you have to cooperate with other players, then you will absolutely love this title! In the Google Doodle Halloween game online, you become a ghost whose mission is to collect spirit flames wandering around the haunted house and bring them back to home base. Your team will earn points for every flame you have secured. Be aware of enemy ghosts that will try to steal the spirit flames from your tail and ruin your progress. There are two teams in the game: Green and Purple. Help your team compete against an opponent team and try to win the game by having a higher score at the end of the match. You can either host a private game and invite your friends, or join a random match with players all around the world.

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