Garfield Scary Scavenger Hunt


garfield's scary scavenger huntGarfield’s Scary Scavenger Hunt is a horror game at Friv featuring the famous cat from the popular cartoon TV series. You take a control of Garfield and your objective is to find 7 packages of goodies hidden in the Haunted House. Search the rooms for things that will help you find the goodies. Click on the items to pick them up. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or click on the arrows on the screen to move from room to room. Click on objects on the screen to interact with them. Open locked doors with the keys in your inventory. Solve puzzles to discover hidden areas of the house. The list of items to find is displayed on the left, hint and inventory are displayed on the right of the screen. Watch the scare-o-meter at the bottom of the screen. The scarier it gets, the faster the scare-o-meter fills up, so don’t get too scared! Can you find all items and survive the dangers of the haunted house in Garfield’s Scary Scavenger Hunt at

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