48,568 is a cool copter driving .io game online. Pilot your helicopter, navigate it around the map and shoot your enemies. Destroy the opponents as quickly as you can and try to conquer as much territory as possible while defending the copter. Build towers and walls to claim new territories and to protect your helicopter. Once you are strong enough, try to take over the entire map. There are 3 game modes to play: Free For All, Team, Defuse. Choose the server nearest to your location and start playing. Move around the map using your arrows or W,A,S,D keys. Move your mouse cursor to aim, click using your left mouse button to shoot. Build structures using your space bar or right mouse button. Customize your helicopter with almost 50 different skins and 12 colors. Some of the skins need to be unlocked first, before you can start using them. Can you eliminate all opponents around the map and become the best pilot in

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