Crossy Road


crossy roadCrossy Road at Friv is an online version of the famous arcade game originally released for Windows and mobile phones in 2014. Your objective is to cross an endless amount of roads and survive for as long as possible. Press arrow keys or use your fingers and tap the screen to make your character move into that direction. You will have to play your moves carefully as there are numerous obstacles blocking your way. You will have to avoid cars, trees and trains etc. Run between the cars to cross the road. Jump on the floating logs to cross the river. If any of the cars hits you, if you fall into the water or if you aren’t fast enough, the game is over. You earn 1 point for each forward movement you do. Unlock new characters by collecting coins around the map. The amount of collected coins is shown at the top right corner of the screen. Earn as many coins as you can and unlock all characters. How far can you go in Crossy Road at Friv?

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