52,175 or simply Crazy Steve is an .io game online inspired by the famous title called Minecraft. It has similar blocky graphics and addictive gameplay. Battle your opponents in fast-paced fights and score as many points as possible. Once you kill an enemy player, a lot of diamonds will appear on that area, pick them up. Collect blue diamonds and red apples all around the map. Each of the diamonds you collect will increase your experience points. The apples will restore your health, if you are injured. You can also kill animals to restore your health. There are various types of weapons you can use such as sword, bow, fireballs, dynamite etc. Keep in mind, that you can also kill yourself if your are not careful. Once you level up, your size will be slightly increased. If you are of a bigger size, you can collect more stuff at the same time, but you also become much slower. How big can you grow in at

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