Angry Birds


angry birdsAngry Birds is now available at! Who doesn’t know this phenomenon? It’s one of the best casual games ever made! Your mission in this funny arcade shooting game is to launch birds from a catapult to save their eggs from enemy pigs. Click and move your mouse to set the angle and power of your shot, release to shoot the birds towards the pigs. The enemies are fortified inside of constructions made out of glass, wood and stone. You will have to break the constructions first to reach the pigs. Each successfully destroyed piece of construction and each eliminated pig gives yo some points. The remaining birds will also give you extra points. Your score is displayed at the top right of the screen. You only have few birds left in each level and once you use them all, the game is over. Enjoy 4 different worlds with 21 beautifully crafted levels in each. Can you smash all piggies and save the eggs in Angry Birds game online at Friv Games?

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