12 Mini Battles


12 mini battles12 Mini Battles is one of the most interesting games for two players that you can find at Friv! In 12 Mini Battles, you can enjoy twelve super fun mini-games, in which you will be fighting against your friend in duels! If you like football, wrestling, golf or gun shooting, this game has it all! You can even play as a viking and challenge other viking in an axe fight. Each of the duels has a different environment and era such as ancient age, middle age, wild west etc. You will be smashing your rival with a mace and other kinds of melee weapons, or you can just shoot arrows from a bow and collect ammo from the air before the other player does it. You will really enjoy playing this title. We have to warn you though! This game is extremely addicting and the more you will play it, the more you will want to continue! Battling your opponent will satisfy your need for competition. How many fights can you win in 12 Mini Battles at Friv?

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